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The EuroMillions lottery is the world's most popular multi-national lotto, enjoyed every Tuesday and Friday night by millions of players across Europe, from London to Luxembourg. Now for the first time you can play the Euromillions online for a shot at payouts of up to £320 million 2x the top EuroMillions prize with Lottoland!

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Is the EuroMillions a better deal than the UK National Lottery?

Launched on Saturday February 7th, 2004 the EuroMillions Lotto offers prizes many times larger than other national lotteries. Here’s how EuroMillions stacks up to the UK National Lottery:

Anyone can win the EuroMillions Lottery

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EuroMillions was designed to be accessible to citizens from many different European countries and provide everyone, no matter what their nationality or background, with an equal and affordable shot at winning the jackpot. Take a look at past EuroMillions winners and you'll find people from all walks of life who've managed to predict the EuroMillion winning numbers. No other lottery in the world offers the chance to win over £160,000,000 jackpots for less than a pint of lager!

EuroMillions UK

The United Kingdom is one of the original 3 countries to participate in EuroMillions along with France and Spain and while 6 other countries have since joined we still make up 35% of all ticket sales. While many people continue to buy their lottery tickets at the corner shop or supermarket, an increasing number of British lottery players are skipping the middleman and playing EuroMillions online.

In the UK we have the honour of being home to the biggest EuroMillions jackpot winners of all time, Scots Christine and Colin Weir who banked the maximum prize of £161,000,000 in 2011. To put that number into perspective, at the time the Weir’s lucky EuroMillions ticket gave them a fortune equal to David and Victoria Beckham's combined wealth in one, tax-free payment!

With their prize money the Weirs have become famous in the UK for their generosity, not only making a better life for themselves and their children but also giving away millions in charitable donations promoting the arts, sport and animal welfare and funding emergency medical operations for people in need.

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UK EuroMillions winners breakdown

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When you break down the UK's EuroMillions winners by region, the Scots are the luckiest lottery players producing more winning tickets per person than any other region. The West Country, Yorkshire and Wales also do well relative to their populations while the least lucky areas seem to be the Midlands and the Northwest where there have been a smaller number of winners than one would expect relative to their populations. London, the south-east and north-east of the country produce about the number of winning EuroMillions tickets as is expected.

No matter where you reside however, from bustling central London to the quaintest country village, winning the EuroMillions lottery will guarantee to bring you fame, fortune and a lifestyle which most of us only dream about having!

9 European countries play Lottery EuroMillions

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There are 8 other countries which take part in EuroMillions besides Britain. The French and Spanish make up the majority of EuroMillions ticket sales with Ireland, Austria, the Netherlands, Belgium, Portugal, Switzerland and Luxembourg forming the remainder of the participating nations. The 9 EuroMillions countries form the largest pan-national lottery in the world, far exceeding its main competition, EuroJackpot, which draws its players primarily from Germany, Sweden and Italy in terms of players and sales.

Overall the luckiest EuroMillions nation has been France, producing more total jackpot winners than any other country. However you may be surprised to learn that in comparison to their population the most fortunate EuroMillions players are the Portuguese! Better known for their beautiful beaches and football players, the Portuguese have won more EuroMillions prizes relative to their population than anyone else. Of course, part of this apparent good fortune can be explained by the fact that they also buy more EuroMillions lottery tickets per person than any other country in Europe!

In the UK all lottery winnings are tax-free and paid in one lump sum however if for some reason you decide to play EuroMillions in Spain, Portugal or Switzerland be aware that your prize money will be subject to significant national taxes. Therefore, if you are a resident of the United Kingdom it always makes more sense to play EuroMillions lotto from home so that you know you won't have to give away a share of your winnings to a foreign taxes!

At the moment Lottoland UK is offering a special money back guarantee offer where all new players can try out betting on the world’s best lotteries absolutely risk free on their first purchase! In other words, on the first tickets which you buy the total cost of all the non-winning tickets will be credited, in full back into your Lottoland account!

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